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Motorcycle Laws (road & off-road) for all states

 A summary of the current laws for Ohio Motorcyclists

(let us know if you find a discrepancy).

Safety Helmet Required by law for novice riders, required under age 18
State Funded Rider Ed  Available for all eligible applicants. As of January 1, 2001 the issuing of motorcycle endorsements will be given upon successful completion of the motorcycle safety course-required under age 18
Eye Protection Required by law unless equipped with windscreen
Daytime Use of Headlight Modulating headlight permitted, daytime use not required
Passenger Seat Required if carrying a passenger
Passenger Footrest Required by law if carrying a passenger
Passenger Age Restriction None
Helmet Speakers No Restrictions
Periodic Safety Inspection Required by law - random
Mirrors  Left and right required by law
Radar Detector No Restriction
Turn Signals Required if manufactured in 1968 and after
Muffler Muffler required
Maximum Sound Level Counties and Townships may adopt regulations that establish Max A-weighted sound level based on measurement at a distance not less than 50 feet from center line of travel (Title 45, 4513.221): 1)82dBA at 35 mph or less; 2)86dBA at more than 35 mph.
State Insurance Requirements Compulsory Liability (Minimum Limits)(12.5/25/7.5)
Handlebar Height  Maximum of 15" above seat & can not be above shoulder level.

Contact us if you notice any changes/updates of the above listed laws.

Motorcycle Laws (road & off-road) for all states







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