Spring 1980 Motorcycle Trip

These pictures are from a three night night, four day trip thru OH, KY, VA & WV on Easter weekend in 1980.  Dave on his 1979 Harley and me on my 1978 Honda 750K.

Dave rode from Greenfield, OH and met me in Goshen, OH and I left work early in the afternoon.  We headed down across the river and into Kentucky and made it as far as the Natural Bridge area in KY, which is not far from Beattyville, and spent the first night.

The first night's camp was in a Natural Bridge State Park campground.  Rained all night and almost flooded us out.  We then headed down thru KY with pretty damp clothes on.  We ventured thru a small part of VA and ended up in Bluefield and spent the night in a Econolodge.  After riding all day with damp clothes - a motel seemed like the best thing to do!

We woke up the third day with a snow on the bikes, but waited for it to melt and then headed out and got on WV-20 and headed north/west.  WV-20 as I remember it was a great twisty road which ran thru many small towns.  It's great to see how other people live in different parts of the country.  Lots of mountains and curves.

Our third night was spent somewhere around Clarksburg, WV in a campground.  No snow or rain that I can remember surprised us on our four day "return route" back to Ohio.


Dave - testing out his camera outfit before heading out to meet me after work to start the trip.... The first morning....stormed all night long....

Campground at Natural Bridge State Park near Slade, KY.
Just trying to warm up a little before heading out....

Natural Bridge State Park
Here's Dave trying to dry out some clothes before we pack up for the road....

Natural Bridge State Park

Natural Bridge State Park
Cold day...but still good scenery and a good ride....

Dave popping a wheelie on his Harley....second nature to him....

Dave & Sportser

Playing around and popping wheelies on US-50 east of Chillicothe by a now closed Rest Area.

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