An Muskingum River Parkway State Park Trip

Here are some pictures from a two-day/one night trip taken by me and friend Dave in the Spring of 2001.  This trip took us north east thru McConnellsville, Ohio and up north of Zanesville.  We stayed at a small state park (Muskingum River S.P.) located beside an old lock located on the Muskingum River.  Dave's riding on his Yamaha 650 and I'm on my 1986 Goldwing.  Big Muskie Bucket weblink.

Old time river lock on the Muskingum River.

View across the Muskingum River.

Old canal lock along US-33.

Campground at the state park.

Campground at the state park.

Big Muskie's Bucket

Old time working lock on the Muskingum River at the state park.

Another Muskingum River view.

A view across the lock.


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